Pink-Edged Sulphur

Possibly a Pink-Edged Sulphur

Possible image of a Pink-Edged Sulphur?

The Pink-Edged Sulphur (Colias interior) is not very popular in Maryland, according to every map, website and book I have ever seen, so I can’t really say I got one here. The photo above was taken at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge.

If you didn’t know it, or couldn’t guess it, the Pink-Edged Sulphur has a distinct pink edge along its entire wing, which we have here. It also lacks any dark postmedian spots and has a single white eyespot, which kind of looks like what’s going on here, but I could argue the postmedian marks are there, just very faint.

It’s very possibly I have a Clouded Sulphur here and if I ever nab something I am sure is a Pink-Edge, I will most likely replace this shot.

If you have an opinion or can clarify this one, please contact me at

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Pink-Edged Sulphur — 1 Comment

  1. This is a standard female Orange Sulphur. Note orange tint. Don’t forget, just because a Sulphur has a pink edge, does not make it a “Pink-edged Sulphur”.