I am not a biologist or an entomologist or an ornithologist or a zoologist … or any kind of “ologist” really. I am not even a professional photographer. I just own a nice camera and know how to sneak up on things.

After a lifetime living in the “big city” where the extent of wildlife interaction I experienced consisted of pigeons, squirrels and an occasional trip to the zoo, I moved to Maryland and developed a great interest in the scores of wildlife and the available parks and refuges that were open to eager hikers, explorers and photographers.

The purpose of this site is to share what I have collected – through both word and picture – concerning the existence and discoverability of countless species of wildlife in the state of Maryland. I will also be providing any information you may need to know, in order to make your trips to wildlife areas, parks and refuges as successful as possible. All the information shared about wildlife and locations will be my opinion, based on first-person experiences traveling throughout the state in search of photo opportunities.

Species articles and location pages will be updated as I continue my journey throughout the state, revisiting the great areas Maryland offers its resident, who seek opportunities to connect with nature.

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“My Tracks” is a mapped-based feature on mdwildlife.com that provides information on the actual trails I walked at various wildlife area. View the My Tracks page to see which wildlife area write-ups also contain My Tracks maps.

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Species entries are added to this site as individual posts. Use the “Wildlife Categories” listing in the right sidebar to jump to wildlife groups. New categories or subcategories will be added as I gain enough species entries to support a category.

The “Wildlife Tags” section in the right sidebar display all tags being used on the site. Tags are mostly used to strengthen search results, but selecting a tag will provide a listing of all wildlife entries for that particular tag. Every entry has at least one color tag associated with it.

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