Dan’s Mountain WMA

The gravel path is nearly two miles, leading up to the entrance of the WMA.

Dan’s Mountain is in a beautiful spot accessible off Route 220 just south of Cumberland. If you travel down 220 south there will be a small sign for Dan’s Mountain WMA outside a dirt road entrance just past the correctional facility, but that road may be blocked to vehicle traffic and there is no place to park, so that’s not a great option. A larger entrance, with a clearly marked sign for the area, appears further down 220.

The turn off is Middle Ridge Road and it will take you past some farmland before another sign for the WMA directs off to the left where there is a small parking area outside a blocked off gravel road.

This is where Dan’s Mountain gets a little frustrating. The gravel road is blocked off, so the journey must be accepted on foot and the walk to reach the entrance to the actual wooded WMA is close to two miles. The path splits once or twice and it’s easy to follow. If you like power lines and high towers this walk is for you. High towers carry cables directly up the face of the mountain and you can hear the constant buzzing of currents and conductive wiring as you walk along.

The path is wide open and the sun can be intense in the summer. There is a great possibility for butterfly and insect life as the walkway is lined with flower plants and tall weeds. Taller trees parallel the path and may harbor some song birds and larger species like hawks or turkey vultures, but the trees are so far removed from the path, you would need a good zoom to get there – and the brush along the walkway is like St. Andrews in the spring, so there isn’t much sense in plodding through.

Silver spotted skipper

This silver-spotted skipper is one of several species of butterfly I saw along the mountain path.

There is a great view of central Maryland and West Virginia landscapes to your back as you make the trek, but the hanging power lines will interrupt any nice panorama you may attempt.

The entrance to the WMA path is marked by a sign and the area is a little more wooded and enclosed. The path curves to the right sharply and takes you gradually uphill as you begin to scale the mountain.

Expect passing birds, plenty of insect life and small mammals or rodents crossing the path as you make your way. The full path up the mountain from this point is probably about three or four miles according to the map, unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the whole hike as I was pressed for time.

Overall I took in a nice variety of species and the scenery was exceptional. I could have done with a little less intro walking before the actual WMA, but I will definitely get back there soon to do the whole mountain.

My Tracks for Dan’s Mountain

Dan’s Mountain entrance

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Dan’s Mountain WMA trail

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Google Map Location

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External Resources

Dan’s Mountain on the Maryland DNR site

Dan’s Mountain link from the old DNR site

Dan’s Mountain on some mountain travel guide site with almost no info

Dan’s Mountain on the Potomac River Guide website

According to Wikipedia, Dan’s Mountain is named for some lousy explorer who fell asleep

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Dan’s Mountain WMA — 7 Comments

  1. Screw walking. This is a great place to ride across the mountain in a pickup truck but is a lot more fun in a RZR or dirt bike Beautiful views of the mountain. You get to see lots of wildlife. This is a protected wildlife area so you will have to watch out for DNR officers policing the woods. Other than that it is a great place to ride. Shame on you Maryland you should learn how to manage a trail system like Hatfield and McCoy in West Virginia !!!

    Gary Machin

    • Most of Dan,s Mt WMA is blocked off from the old Brant rd entrance above Cresaptown Md.Area west 4 miles S/W to the Rawlings Race tract Middle ridge new access up to the last bench east just before the spring run hollow gate which prevent any access by motor vehicles.This means all senior hunters who are unable to walk far are forced to hunt in the laps of many other hunters.3000 acres is in-accessible because of this blockage by John Barton’s WMA directives to protect his four sisters Golf club and private hunting club access to the thousands of acres just above his Golf club land’s.The mill run water ways at that golf course coming from Dans Mt. has actually been re-righted to fill Golf course ponds.The water now is nearly dried up to the lower lands wildlife near rt;220.because of this water re-course.Access to this 3000 acres east NE of Rawlings Md is only accessible by extreme 80% incline walking either by Brant rd access walking south west towards Rawlings Md. for 4 Miles on old grown up high bench rds or from the Rawlings race track new Middle Ridge rd which only goes to the top ridge and stops 2 mile short of the 3000 acre boundary access at the top of spring run hollow a closed gate.there is NO access to the hundreds of acres and deep hollows that lays adjacent to the Barton farm land and his Four Sisters golf course.In the late 80s there was and still is a rd in the edge of Bartons property just inside North boundary of Bartons Golf and Farm land but Barton bought a tax past sale land sale off Conda Way rd to close the only access to this un-Touched and in-accessible wild and shameful management program for hunter access to 3000 acres of Public Hunting Lands.It is a grave shame because there are hordes of Game species beginning to challenge for food in some of these Mt.Hollows in the hundreds of easterly acres adjacent to the Barton Farm and Golf course lands.Solution;open the Armstrong rd corner just 100 ft of private access off that rd or the Mt.View rd where Dan,s Mt. public game lands is now only controlled by private land owner in their very own now private Public happy hunting grounds shut off from public access of 3000 hunters paid tax lands.

  2. My comment stated above is from my 40 years of hunting Dans,Mt W M A.which was drastically altered by the Barton W;M programs coin-siding to the creation of the Four Sisters Golf course;Which by the way is the now operative access to Barton hunting club payees at 500.00 a year to the in-accessible 3000 acres of public W M A.Lands adjacent to the Barton farm and Four Sisters Golf course.

    • Correction to the above solution to the blockage of access to 3000 ares of Public W M A Dans Mt game lands adjacent to Bartons Farm lands and the Brant rd old grown up ridge rd then south west to the Rawlings race track new Middle Ridge ridge rd at 1/2 mile past the race track gate on the right.The Mt Ridge rd into private property on its upper loop turning last south of the loop come to with in 50 yards of the Dans Mt Wildlife area game lands. a rd into this area would greatly access a 1000 acre bottom and first Mt. Bench hunting opportunity to senior hunters by way or motor vehicle access.

  3. Why is Barton hunting club able to charge 500.00$ membership to profit on state land and is blocked off to the public , whoever in charge there need to make access for the public or don’t take hunters money if there is no access, only for others to profit

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