Earlville WMA

My only experience at Earlville was not a good one. I do not believe the area is open for public trail walking or hiking, and if it is, they do a good job of disguising it.

Earlville is in Cecil County, accessible off Fingerboard Schoolhouse Road from Glebe Road. Glebe Road can be picked up off Route 213 southbound immediately after the route crosses the Bohemia River. 

The customary brown WMA sign with yellow lettering sits on Fingerboard Schoolhouse Road at the edge of a driveway leading to a small house that looks uninhabited. There is no clearly marked path or parking area at this spot.

Further down Fingerboard Schoolhouse Road is the WMA’s parking area, with the usual signboard and hunting signage. The parking area is completely overgrown with tall grass and weeds, its difficult to get close to the board with posted information and there is no clear path designated from the parking area.

When I got back into my car, I pulled three ticks off my legs.

I am sure the wildlife at Earlville are doing well, because it looks as though the area is completely neglected by man.

If you are looking to do some hiking or nature photography in Maryland, skip right by Earlville.

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External Resources

Earlville on the Maryland DNR website

Earlville on the University of Delaware Cecil Bird Club website

Earlville on the Mid-Atlantic Game and Fish website

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