Feral Horse

Wild Horse

Wild Horses in the state of Maryland are found only at Assateague Island State Park.

The wild horses at Assateague Island State Park, as they are most commonly known, are actually feral horses. Feral is a word used to describe species which may be wild now, but are descended from ancestors species that were once domestic.

Wild Horses

A pair of feral horses on the side of the road at Assateague Island State Park.

Now that we have that cleared up, here’s what you need to know: Assateague Island State Park, at the southern tip of Maryland, is the only place in the state – and possibly on the east coast – where you can see and get dangerously close to feral horses.

The horses can be found hanging out in various areas at Assateague Island. You will run into them along the beach, on the side of the road, in the marshes, on the isolated paths … the roadside stops might be the best occasion if you’re looking for a close encounter photo. Intelligent people will pull their cars right up to grazing horses and let their kids pet the wild animals. I usualy wish them good luck.

The beach provides the best photo backdrop, if you happen to have an ATV and can get the permit to drive out on the marked roadway.

The horses are mostly brown, with darker brown or white markings. In my experience, they don’t pay attention to people – probably numb from so much interaction – and it can be fascinating to observe them.

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