Red Paper Wasp

Red Wasp

Red Paper Wasp clings to a flowery bush.

Paper Wasps are a large family of wasps commonly found in all parts of the world. Maryland is no different as several species of paper wasp are pretty prominent, even around houses and backyards.

The particular species photographed above (Polistes metricus) I was able to pinpoint because of the incredible “U” shaped marking on it upper back. Thank you to the folks at, once again.

I photographed this particular specimen at Deal Island Wildlife Management Area. I believe I may have photographed this species at Elk Forest Wildlife Management Area as well, but the angle is different, the wings are opened and I can’t make out the identifiable shoulder marking from any of my photo angles, so I’m gonna have to let that one go. Maybe I will post the photo later, and look for some id help.

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