Elk Forest WMA, March 19, 2011

After enduring months of cold, indoor weekends I finally took advantage of a beatuiful Saturday in late March to hit the trails for the first time this year.

I defintley missed being out in the fresh air, and, despite the fact I had a few fantasy baseball drafts calling my name, the lure of the Maryland outdoors was both a tempting proposition and a welcome necessity.

It was still a little early in the season to get a hold of the kind of photography subjects I like to target, so I decided to stay local and not invest too much of my day in a longer journey.

I hit up Elk Forest, mainly because I had only been there in the late summer months, and I figured taking a walkthrough in March would give me a different perspective.

The tree-lined path was a little more barren and the smaller bush and plant life I am accustomed to was not there, limiting my ability to discover any insect macro opportunities. As expected, I saw geese, a few songbirds and the customary Turkey Vulture, but not too much to get excited over.

A few passers by were enjoying the walk as well and I bumped into them to share a little detail and experience on the trail. I made it down to the T-junction at the water, but didnt walk along the shoreline. With the lack of wildlife, I opted to cut the morning short and head back.

There will be plenty of more weekends to invest in serious photo time.

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