Red Fox

Red fox

A Red Fox watches along the side of the road at Middle Run

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a fairly common canine scampering around Maryland. I have seen Red Foxes at Eastern Neck Island, Blackwater Refuge and come across tracks in other areas including Canal WMA.

The Fox is usually pretty quick however, and if he/she is out during the day, you’re not gonna have a great shot at one without a quiet approach or a good zoom.

The image above was snagged at Middle Run Natural Area, which borders White Clay Creek in Delaware. The park is just over the Md-Del border in Newark. I spied this guy sitting back in the woods watching the cars that rolled up the gravel road to a common parking area.

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Red Fox — 1 Comment

  1. Red Fox have been coming in my yard three and five at a time. They did look normal with a full tail. They come to my deck and look in the door at my cats. Now they have not hair on their tails and look sick. Two days ago one had water running out of its mouth. Todyy one was in front of my car in the driveway sleeping but gout up and walked away when I went to the car. Not sure of what to do about them. I have pictures to show how they have changer in two months.

    Dan O’Connell