Welcome to mdwildlife

It’s short for “Maryland” wildlife; I’m not the “medical doctor” of wildlife.

Through this site, you can follow the harrowing adventures of one man, who bravely drives his car to wildlife management areas and refuges to risk life and limb walking pre-marked trails and taking pictures of butterflies and birds.

My goal is to provide information on wildlife species found throughout Maryland and relay tips and advice on the state’s wildlife areas, based on my personal experiences. Sometimes knowing how to go, where to park, and what trails to walk, can be your key to a successful expedition at these wildlife areas; and I really could not find anywhere on the Web with the kind of in-depth information I wanted on Maryland parks.

This site is continually updated with new species entries, quality photos and first-person descriptions.

Social Media

I am active on several social sites. Check the footer for links to mdwildlife’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. To observe some of my photography beyond the Maryland borders take a look at my spottings on Project Noah.


While readers cannot contribute new entries directly to this site, comments are enabled for all species posts and your feedback is welcomed. I also welcome your photo submission to my mdwildlife group on Flickr.

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